Museum of Earth
A brand new exhibition space opening in the heart of London exploring the history of earths geology. Travel through time to see how our planet has changed over its diverse 4.5 billion year history.
John Lewis Shift
A brand new location, weather and event relevant service from John Lewis that offers what you need when you need it. From umbrellas when it's raining, to suncream when it's hot, Shift has you covered.
Indus Supermarket
A new supermarket chain that aims to combat the negative stigma surrounding vegan and vegetarian lifestyles. By making the switch to a new lifestyle choice easy and fun, more people will be encouraged to cut down on meat.
Using a new technology that recycles food waste into methane (CH4), restaurants can recycle left overs into the gas, which can then be used to power gas cookers, reducing running costs at the same time as pollution.
London Photography
As an avid photographer, I love capturing my home town of London in my spare time, using my love of graphics as a focal point quite often. With interesting angles and framing, I create dynamic and eye catching shots.
Various Photography
A constant blog of photographs captured from around the world, updated every few months.
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